Using Great Lightroom Presets

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Using Great Lightroom Presets

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  • Lightroom as your image post processing software
  • Why do you need to use these presets
  • Where can you get good quality presets

Adobe Lightroom is one of the most famous image post processing software available today. More and more people today are using it simply because it is capable of making your images look better. Not only that, but it can also help you organize your photos(if you take a bunch of them) and allow you to access them from anywhere(as long as you have internet connection) without having to lug around your laptop. Lightroom is very fast and very flexible in terms of handling thousands of photos at a time. This is because of the application of Lightroom presets. Presets are files with predetermined values of aspects of an image that you can apply to a photo. Temperature, vibrance, tone curve, luminance, vignetting and others are some of the settings that are contained in a preset. By applying this to a batch of photos, you can achieve a uniform look with all the photos you wish to edit.

Presets are very useful because you can cut down the editing time of photos by more than half if you just apply it to an image. Imagine doing it on a thousand photos? It would be a pain and very time consuming to edit photos one by one, when you can just apply a specific preset to all of them. This is what I usually do when I come from a pictorial. I edit all my photos using presets and single out photos that need more work and basically edit it from there. It makes my life easier. I love these presets by sleeklens because it helps me achieve the look I want from the pictures I take.

So if you are asking me why I use these presets, my answer is simple. It makes my editing process quicker and simpler. If you are looking for presets you can use, I suggest you visit I love these presets by Sleeklens because they are well thought of and very flexible. You will surely be able to use it on your photos.

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