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Save Me a Graduation Card

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  • Giving and receiving cards and saving the dates of each card
  • Choosing the appropriate templates for your graduation cards via
  • Getting personal when giving cards, with emphasis on saving its dates

There’s so much emotion involved when giving a personal card, and that includes graduation cards as well. Your graduation becomes even more memorable if you save the date with these cards.

But why should you save the date with these cards anyway? Aside from documenting it, the recalling part later on would be all the more special if you remember the date when you gave or received that card.

Infoparrot is not just your resident photography shop online, it is also a part of every special event in your life. So, the moment you give or receive that graduation invitation, save the date with these cards always. Remember, the act of giving might be important, but if you can recall the date when you gave this special invitation to someone makes it even more special.

With Infoparrot, though, you have a chance of hitting two birds with one stone. The first stone talks about choosing the right template for your graduation cards; the second one, though more personal, is in the idea of saving the date. Save the date with these cards, and the rest, they say, would be photography history (with some personal touch to it).

Cards bring a personal touch to every transaction, even in business terms. If you can add a personal touch to your graduation cards, you are in a way giving importance to your invited guests. So start scouring that graduation card at and give something special to them.

A special kind of giving invitations (complete with some basic information). And talk about showing some emotion to your cards right from the get-go, with special emphasis on posterity.

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