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National Training Conference

National Image is committed to disseminating the most current information to the Hispanic community. A successful vehicle for this is the National Image Annual Conference. This conference is an excellent opportunity for thousands of Hispanics to network. The annual conference provides exhibit space for government agencies and private businesses to reach the community, a forum for speakers on topics of interest, and a job fair to inform the community about employment opportunities.

In addition, the National Conference provides a unique environment for specialized instruction.

National Image Training Institute
A strong part of the annual conference is the National Image Training Institute. The Institute presents a schedule of workshops and seminars where Hispanics can increase their skill levels and, as a result, be ready to take advantage of better business opportunities.

Another part of the annual conference is the National Image Symposium, which provides Hispanics a forum to identify issues of concern and discuss methods to deal with those issues.

Women’s Seminars
Each year at the National Conference the Women’s Action Committee sponsors seminars focused specifically on assisting Hispanic women. Here Hispanic women can air concerns, get information and develop action plans.

Youth Leadership Seminars
A fourth component of the National Conference is the Youth Leadership Seminar. This responds to the needs of Hispanic youth for leadership development so they may be active contributors to the community.

The National Image Annual Conference with its training components is a premier opportunity for all Hispanics to come together to share ideas, discuss issues and promote a sense of community. As participants take home the things they have learned, Hispanic communities across the country will be stronger and more prosperous.