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Individual and Chapter

As the current Chairperson of the Membership committee, the following is provided to those individuals who wish to become members of National Image through either an existing chapter or who wish to start a new chapter and affiliate with National Image. The following are excerpts from the National Image Inc., Constitution and By-laws.

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP – membership into the National Image, Inc., organization will be through a current recognized chapter or directly with the National Organization if you reside in a city where no chapter exists.

Any person, regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, religious affiliation, age or disability, who sympathizes with the Hispanic movement and actively supports the objectives and goals of National Image, shall be eligible for membership.

Official membership is commenced upon payment chapter dues and signature of the membership form in the presence of an accredited member in good standing of a local chapter and subsequent issuance of the membership card.

NEW CHAPTER – any group of five persons who meet the requirements of individual membership may file a letter of chapter intent. The letter may be filed with a state structure, Regional Director or directly to National Image, Inc. The petition to establish a chapter shall be signed by five (5) prospective members, who shall declare their intent to affiliate.

Upon receipt of the Petition for Affiliation, the national organization via the membership chairperson and/or treasurer shall provide an affiliate kit to the individual requesting to establish a local Image chapter.

The kit shall consist of:

A membership roster – to be returned with a minimum of 10 persons and dues at $25 per member.

Form SS4 – application for tax ID for sub-chapters to be completed and signed by chapter president or designee.

Sample letter stating the geographical area from which membership will be drawn, areas of concern to be explored, and a statement of commitment to the goals and objectives of National Image, Inc.

Sample constitution & bylaws. A new chapter may instead adopt the National Image constitution and bylaws.

The membership roster, a $50 charter fee, and letter stating the geographical area to be served are to be returned directly to National Image or to a Regional Director for submission to the executive board for a decision on affiliate status.

Once the chapter has been notified that they have been approved as an affiliate chapter of National Image, a meeting should be held to elect officers, set chapter dues, and adopt a local constitution and by-laws.

For further information, please contact Joe Davalos, Region VIII Director, via telephone: (303) 412-7880