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We are delighted to now offer you no-fee, no-advertisement, access to thousands of Federal government job openings through a special “portal” designed and maintained specifically for National Image Inc by Avue Technologies. This portal is designed to make sure you can see all jobs currently available, and to also be notified when any job meeting your career and geographical location interests opens in the future. You will also find the site contains plenty of information to help make you a better job applicant. For Federal Agencies that are Avue clients, you will even be able to apply directly on-line, learn immediately whether you meet basic qualifications, and track your progress through the process 24/7. It’s a great process – fair, objective, transparent, and “on the merits” consideration of all interested candidates.

National Image has in its charter a mandate to work for equal employment opportunities for Hispanics. Therefore, we have instituted an aggressive program to help Hispanics achieve success in the public and private sectors.

Through various partnerships, the members of National Image work directly with the government and with Fortune 500 companies to increase opportunities for Hispanics in the workplace. The project provides a channel through which employers and the Hispanic community can cooperate to make Hispanics a more viable force at work.

Partnerships team with employers to identify current job opportunities for which individuals can prepare. However, they also conduct a proactive effort to identify types of jobs that may not yet exist in areas such as technology, services and science. As we identify these future opportunities, we also learn what training will be necessary to work in these areas. As we make this information available, we continue to be a potent force in helping Hispanics become qualified not only for current, but also for future jobs.

National Image has an on-going effort at all levels of the public and private sectors regarding recruitment, development and retention of qualified Hispanics. Because of this effort, the Hispanic community will have new opportunities to send qualified, successful candidates into the job market.