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National Image has a group of standing committees which allow members to focus their energy on a specific issue of interest and be part of an organized effort.

The committees are:

EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING – monitoring at a national level the state of Hispanic employment in the United States and recommending action to the national office.

COMMUNICATIONS AND PUBLIC RELATIONS – publicizing National Image activities and monitoring the national media in its presentation of Hispanics.

EDUCATION – monitoring trends and developing new opportunities in education for Hispanics; works with the Civil Rights committee to eliminate discrimination.

RESOURCE AND DEVELOPMENT – collecting and disseminating information on resources available to Hispanics and providing some technical assistance.

CIVIL RIGHTS/LEGAL – monitoring trends in civil rights and affirmative action enforcement, and recommending policy and action to the national organization; cooperates with the Legislation and Employment and Training committees.

LEGISLATIVE – monitoring and researching the affect of legislation on Hispanics and helping members prepare for testimony.

MEMBERSHIP/SOCIAL ACTION – develops the membership and helps affiliated chapter develop programming.

WOMEN’S ACTION – a component of the National Conference; acts as an advocate for Hispanic women and a liaison to women’s groups.

YOUTH ACTION – a component of the National Conference, advocates youth services and focuses on helping Hispanic youth develop their potential to be future leaders and contributors.